Bringing together parents, caregivers and babies to learn and share knowledge about babywearing.

About Babywearing

Babywearing is an ancient tradition, practiced all over the world by almost every indigenous culture. In recent years, it has also gained popularity in industrialized cultures.
There are many benefits to be discovered through babywearing, but there is also a learning curve associated with the practice. Carrying your baby close to your body fosters a strong bond between you and your child. We want to help foster that bonding process.

We facilitate regular meetings featuring discussion and demonstration of carrying positions and techniques, trouble-shooting babywearing issues, trying different carriers out, and more. We also have tons of fun!

The meetings are open to anyone with an interest in babywearing, not just those with babies. Feel free to bring relatives, friends, nannies… whoever!
Our group maintains a policy of openness and kindness. Our affinity is for attachment parenting, but we welcome everyone, whatever their background and parenting philosophy may be. We ask all attendees to respect this policy.


Each meeting begins with a discussion or presentation. Afterwards we socialize, snack and have fun with carriers! If you have discussion ideas, or would like to lead a presentation, please email us at carrymeclose at (Replace "at" with "@")

Following are some topic examples…
  • Winter Babywearing
  • Babywearing and Disabilites/Different Abilities
  • Introduction to Babywearing
  • Help with Back Carries
  • Sharing Babywearing Amongst Caregivers
  • Carrying Newborns
  • Carrying Toddlers
  • Safety and Babywearing
  • Traditions and Culture of Babywearing
  • The Mini Babywearer (Babywearing for Babes)
  • Benefits of Babywearing
  • Rebozo Carries
  • Factors of Various Physiques
  • Wearing More Than One
  • Healthy Babywearing
  • Healthy Attachment Promotion
  • If You Can Only Have One: Choosing Your One True Carrier
  • Babywearing and Travelling
  • Hot Weather Babywearing
  • Pregnancy and Babywearing
  • Navigating Public Transit While Babywearing
  • Single Parenthood and Babywearing
  • Post-Partum Depression and Babywearing
  • Kangaroo Care