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Friday, April 30, 2010

Back to Basics: Ring Slings and Pouches

Hi everyone!  So, we had our first meeting in a while this past Tuesday.  It was a nice, but cool day, and I had fun.  Some of the 'old' gang (meaning, the mom's who brought their babies to the group when Temima was a baby and we all became friends) showed up for the meeting.  And also two new mom's came out as well.  Not enough people to do a full-out demonstration for, but it was definitely nice to be able to give so much individual instruction.  One mom had a Maya Wrap ring sling, and she new how to use it already.  She was looking for some tips and reassurance, to make sure she was using it correctly in a hip carry.  She looked like a pro to me!   The other mom, Shira (we share our name), turns out to be my neighbor!  Well, we live in the same neighborhood, at least.  It was lovely to meet her and help her try to get her mei tai to work better for her.  She brought a lovely Babyhawk mei tai with her. 

At one point three of us were sitting on the bench, nursing, with ring slings on.  How appropriate!! Although, not all babies were actually in the slings while nursing, and Shua had to look at the camera and stop nursing, of course.

Sakura Bloom came out to play, and went home with CMC's lovely long-time member Elaine.  After lending it out, I looked up its value (as part of some research for a new system for lending slings out), and its worth a lot!  I think its the most valuable sling CMC has ever owned.  And therefor, I think there are going to be some stricter guidelines when it comes to lending it out.  That said, its a wonderful carrier for weddings and special/fancy events.  So if anyone would like to borrow a gold silk ring sling to dress up for a special occasion, please inquire!  Elaine has promised us some photos of her using the sling as soon as she gets a chance.  Until then, here are some pretty bad photos my hubby took of me and Shua modeling it.  Please ignore the absolute chaos on the floor.  Temima really wanted to leave for our outing, so no smiling.

Please come out to our next meeting!  Visit here for the details. Its all about using wraps.  See you there!

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