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Monday, February 5, 2007

Let the Adventure Begin!

With all the details pinned down, we are ready to head out into the world with CMC, Central Toronto’s newest babywearing group!

We are so excited to meet all the other people out here in the city who are interested in babywearing!

Both Shira and myself are passionate babywearers. We love to snoogle our babies as we go out for our walks and as we do chores about our homes!

It is interesting to reflect on what may come of this group. Maybe no one will come? No way! Maybe 20-30 people will come right away!? Now that would be cool….

I personally am interested to see what sort of carriers come walking in the door that first day. Will we have some traditional carriers, the very fashionable ones, or some made by their owner (my personal favorite!)

And who! Will we have Dads? Uncles? Aunts? Grandparents? Mamas? Brothers? Sisters? Friends?

Sigh…what dreams may come!

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