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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Our First Meeting

It was an AWESOME success. Approximately 13 parents plus babes came out, despite -25 degree celcius temps and warnings of snowsqualls!

We had so many, that we had to open up the wall between two rooms, to accommodate everyone that came!

We had varying levels of skills and a whole LOTTA different carriers in the room. Lots of ring slings, padded or not, a pouch, a Babyhawk mei tai, an amautik, and a gorgeous rebozo!

We spent the time, introducing ourselves, going over some back carry ideas, as well as other tips for wrapping, pouches and ring slings. Then it was a free for all, diving into playing with the various carriers offered to the table, as well as many members flipping through the babywearing book by Maria Blois. (Which I highly recommend for all those interested. This book can be available by order from, a retail store here in Toronto)

Lots of little babes as young as 10 weeks, and as old as 3.
Seeing so many little tiny ones really brought me to a place of reflection of my own short babywearing ‘career.’

As we were playing with back carries today, I reflected on how very recently this wasn’t even a possibility my partner and I were willing to try. I felt intimidated by something that looked very unsafe to me. With gentle guidance and research, we slowly learned comfort with it, as well as how to do it safely. I’m still slowly venturing into that journey of babywearing, but its interesting to remember that I felt this wasn’t a carrying option for me, not all that long ago.

Now I put the measures in place to ensure I feel good about trying it out. I ensure I do it in an area I feel safe with i.e. over the bed, and with someone I trust to help spot and brace the babe.

As we who have worn a babe, babywearing is definitely a SKILL to be learned. And with a skill it takes knowledge building and practice!

Even playing with the slings today, there was so much perspective that each group member was able to provide. Not all babes like to be carried certain ways in certain carriers, or can be. Before I reached out to the the Koala Mamas in Etobicoke ( when my own was 10 days old, I could barely make my little old hemp sling work without slippage in the rings or sitting uncomfortably for both babe and I. I didn’t really know the range of carriers possibly available to us.

And so, we are very happy with the response….

I was pleased to find more emails in the CMC inbox when I got home, from other caregivers interested in coming out to the next meeting!

I hope to continue working together as a community to help foster one another’s long term babywearing careers. I personally have so much to learn, from both beginners and so called experts alike. Everyday I hear a new tidbit that makes me go ‘hmm…’

The thought ‘it takes a village’ comes to mind, after today.

Sadly no pics this time around, as we had a camera-shy bunch! Hopefully next time!

Please note that there will be no meeting Tuesday February 20th, as the Informed Parent is refinishing the floors. We will resume meeting on February 27th!

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