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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Onbus, Wraps, Mei Tais and More!

Today it was like carrier overload! We WERE going to play the Didymos instructional video but decided to play it when we had a larger audience of beginner wrappers. Instead, we just jumped right into playing with carriers. Two wonderful women baring their fabulous stashes of carriers to dig into.

We had a go at several different wrap brands, Didymos, Storches, and Hoppediz. We also played with a BabyHawk mei tai, a Kozy mei tai, a traditional mei tai in the traditional tie, an onbuhimo, a dupioni silk ring sling, and the ever elusive Felix Pera winter jacket that accommodates a worn baby in both a front and back carry. We got to see a couple of back carries in action and to try out a few ourselves.

Overall, for a very cold day, it felt very fruitful! I know I learned a few tricks that I didn’t know before (such as a back carry with an onbuhimo!)

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