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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

PSA on Infantino Carrier and Carrier Safety

Today I received notification that Infantino has issued a recall on their SlingRider product. Please click here for more information.

Please note that not all baby carriers on the market are safe. I urge all caregivers to throughly inspect their carriers regularly for pulled stitching, fabric weakness or other defects in product or wear and tear.

I also urge caregivers to look at the positioning of the child. Again, not all carriers on the market, including carriers one may think have undergone stringent testing are. An excellent article on safe positioning can be found at

It pains my heart to think that a caregiver, thinking that they were purchasing a product that would help them nurture their child, ended up with something that led to serious injury or discomfort.

I have never been one to endorse any of the Infantino products or many of the carriers available readily on the market. Please please, select your baby carrier as you would any product you would purchase for investment for your child’s future. Thorough and careful research is necessary.

For excellent information, articles and many reviews on various baby carriers, you can take a look at

Also, if anyone reads this blog, and has been carrying their child in the Infantino SlingRider, please contact us via email.

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