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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Breastfeeding and Babywearing

Today, La Leche League leaders Sarah MacKenzie and Marcia Cunningham of the Dufferin Grove group demonstrated how to nurse a baby in various carriers, primarily a ring sling. They also spoke about the possibility of plugged ducts caused by pressure on the breasts from some carries.

Any carry that applies pressure to the milk ducts of a nursing mother, should not be done for extended periods of time, as this can increase ones likelihood of ducts becoming plugged and a potential for the development of mastitis. Self monitor. When you wrap, use your ring sling or other carrier, take note of where the weight is being carried. Is there any pressure upon the breasts?

Some report issues arising from some carriers applying pressure more towards the armpits, including an Ergo. Of primary complaint would be carriers that tie with a knot over the breasts or a ringsling. You can work with this, by either tying ‘tibetan style’ or with ‘rucksack style’ shoulders. With a ring sling, ensure your rings fall in the optimal corsage placement (in the soft spot by the ball of your shoulder, where one would pin a corsage).

We also jumped into wrapping, ring slinging, playing with BabyHawk mei tais and other troubleshooting of the needs of members who came.

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