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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tummy 2 Tummy Video on Ring Slings

How excited am I? Today we previewed the Tummy 2 Tummy video chapter on ring slings from a copy lent to me, and when I got home, Tummy 2 Tummy had emailed and offered Carry Me Close a copy for us to have! How exciting!

The Tummy 2 Tummy video is astoundingly informative and very easy to follow. Its’ not boring at all and gives tips on how to troubleshoot on pretty much every fiddly bit of using various carriers.

I’d say it’s by far the best resource out there. And so imagine my excitement of having a copy for our group to have for keeps.

We had a great afternoon of playing with Beco and Ergo stoft structured carriers, ring slings, a new mei tai from MangoBaby, a Babyspace onbu, and more.

I always have such a great afternoon at Carry Me Close meetings. I really do. I sometimes feel so tired in the morning and have to, what feels like, “drag” us out. As soon as I get there, I am so happy to be there. I have so much fun and it goes by so quickly.

We also have many more carriers soon to be added to the library. We have a recent donation of a CuddlyWrap from Wee Welcome’s Christine. And soon some ring slings from Mobile Mommy, and many others. I cannot also forget the Yule Bears Didymos wrap in size 6 that is on its way to us in the mail!

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